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Mike Gerra authored a detailed report on local and hyperlocal content strategies and associated enabling technologies, and their impact on the online travel marketplace. It can be purchased via Phocuswright.

The synopsis from Phocuswright:

“All politics is local.” So goes the aphorism attributed to late-Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Thomas “Tip” O’Neill as he attempted to explain how the local issues of neighborhoods and cities around the country shape the response of elected officials at the national level. This focus on local concerns and problems is not new, nor is it particularly surprising. But it is driving an important trend that is gathering speed, fueled in part by mobile technologies and the ubiquitous availability of various modes of communication. Increasing access to local information on places, people, organizations, events and news is transforming a number of established information sources, including local newspapers, listings and directories and classified advertising. It is also proving to be a valuable resource for travelers and a potential growth opportunity for travel marketers, content publishers and aggregators.