More Acronym Soup: MCO versus EMD

Airlines, Travel
The ever-expanding soup of acronyms in the travel industry never ceases to amaze. The latest batch for miscellaneous fees goes something like this: MCO, EMD, EMD-A, EMD-S, I-EMD. Perhaps, it's a symptom of the technology driven nature of the business; after all we technology geeks love and live by our acronyms, right? I can understand industry insiders using acronym-speak amongst themselves - it brings a sense of camaraderie and even makes people more productive since they can convey more information in less time (this is open to debate). Yet, when a retailer of travel services such as an airline has to resort to explaining acronyms to its customers, that's when it gets rather scary. Here's an example below from American Airlines. How could airlines (and other travel suppliers) and their…
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